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High precision flowmeter : DeltaTMHP DELTAFLUID

High precision flowmeter : DeltaTMHP

Differential pressure flow meter


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A high precision measurement tube is a single piece assembly of a primary element with mounting flanges and upstream and downstream pipe works according to the standards requirements. It includes as well pressure tappings, the manifold and the differential pressure transmitter.

A temperature probe can be added for gas density compensation allowing a much more accurate mass flowrate calculation. Controlling the overall integral measurement system and complying with all the standard requirements help overcoming the constraints that cause measurement uncertainties.

All components of this assembly are independently checked and are precisely manufactured and set-up to achieve a great accuracy.

Whatever are the size and the type of your installation, the high precision tube allows very accurate flow measurements for all kind of industrial applications.

The Delta TMHP measurement tube is provided with a data plate mentioning the main features of the device.

• Warranty of high accuracy measurement
• Compliance with the requirements while limiting the measurement uncertainties to their minimum (ISO5167, ISO TR15377 : 2007, BS1042, ASME.MFC.3M standards)
• No need of calibration –standardised principle
• Ready-to-install flowmeter
• Efficient seal design to prevent leakage
• Pre-assembled complete set : quick and easy installation on site, incorrect assembly impossible
• Very long life time
• Possibility of integrated temperature and pressure compensation
• Preset differential pressure transmitter
• Delivered with all the relevant certificates

Fluid temperature : -110°C to +800°C Type of fluid : Gas, steam, liquid (single-phase fluids) Maximum operating pressure : Limited by the flange rating Accuracy : ≤ 0,5 to 1 % Pressure taps : According specifications Process connection : Deltafluid recommends a flange connection (RF or RTJ) for a better measurement accuracy
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