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Insulation and continuity testers 1 kV CHAUVIN ARNOUX

Insulation and continuity testers 1 kV



“ This new range of insulation testers can be used for continuity measurements at 200 mA / 20 mA with active fuseless protection. Test voltages from 10 V to 1,000 V are available for an insulation measurements up to 200 GΩ. A locked test mode has been added for easier use. The CAT IV 600 V safety rating ensures hazard-free use in all circumstances. The fact that the measurements comply with the IEC 61557 standard means the measurements produced are reliable and repeatable. ”
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A complete range of six models to cover every type of use : C.A 6522, C.A 6524, C.A 6526, C.A 6532, C.A 6534, C.A 6536

C.A 6522, C.A 6524 and C.A 6526
Periodic insulation tests on installations and equipment help to prevent incidents by setting up preventive maintenance designed to detect ageing and premature deterioration of their insulation characteristics:
• Measurement of insulation over a programmed duration
• Alarms and Pass/Fail indicator light (C.A 6526)
• PI and DAR ratios to determine the quality of the insulation, with the advantage of not being significantly influenced by the temperature
• Storage in memory to compare the measurement histories
C.A 6534
Thanks to its wide test-voltage range from 10 V to 500 V, this model covers the specific requirements of the electronics industries, for both low-current applications and power stages. Its measurement range is from 2 kΩ to 50 GΩ. With appropriate electrodes, the 10 V and 100 V test voltages can also be used for electrostatic discharge applications.
C.A 6532
Ideal for measurements on telephone lines:
• Insulation tests at 50 V or 100 V
• Specific functions: measurement of resistance, capacitance, leakage current and AC voltage.
• Measurement of the difference in resistance between 2 wires in a pair by using the ΔREL function.
• Display of the length of the line being tested, thanks to programming of the linear capacitance in nF/km.
C.A 6536
With a variable test voltage from 10 V to 100 V in 1 V increments, this model is intended for special applications in sectors such as avionics, space and defence, which often require a low test voltage and strict adherence to the programmed value.

Test voltage from 10 V to 1,000 V / 200 GΩ Manual, Lock, Timer and PI / DAR Ratios modes Visual Pass / Fail: red / green 200 mA / 20 mA continuity with active protection without fuses Measurement of V (TRMS & DC), F, Ω, kΩ, C and cable length ΔRel mode & configurable alarms Storage of measurements in memory
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