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The Chauvin Arnoux Group is organized in 5 complementary divisions based around the company's traditional skills and offering all-round expertise:


1 –Test & Measurement's portable instruments (CHAUVIN ARNOUX, METRIX and MULTIMETRIX brands) to meet the needs of every professional, from self-employed electricians to industrial companies.


2 – Fixed electrical equipment under the CHAUVIN ARNOUX ENERGY brand for measuring, testing and monitoring the energy distribution chain.


3 - The temperature sensors and solutions offered by the PYROCONTROLE brand for managing and controlling industrial thermal processes.

4 - Measuring instruments for complex products in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and chemical sectors offered by INDATECH

5 - The MANUMESURE brand offers industrial companies in France a wide range of services: measurement of atmospheric emissions, pollution, dust, metrology and measurement instrument calibration, as well as after-sales service for the Group's products.


The Quality approach, aiming to develop reliable, safe products, is backed by ISO 9001 certification, version 2000.


An international structure


Ten subsidiaries in Europe, China, the Middle East and the USA, 150 independent agents and 3,000 points of sale support the Group's international development. In France , Chauvin Arnoux boosts its local presence by working with professional distributors.


11% of turnover invested in R&D

Every year, Chauvin Arnoux innovates and invests in the design of new products. Around twenty new products are developed every year by the Group's six Research Centres and manufactured by its production sites, which are mainly located in Normandy and near Lyon.


Integrated manufacturing

Designed in laboratories in France, Austria or the USA, the products are then manufactured in the Group's factories. Plastic or metal mechanical parts are made at Vire, while printed circuits are etched at Villedieu. The products are then assembled and tested in the factories in Europe and the USA.

Vire also manufactures SMBO shunts.


190, Rue Championnet
75876 PARIS 18E
Phone : +33 (0)144 85 44 74
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