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Magnetic clamping technique M-TECS 130-K ROEMHELD

Magnetic clamping technique M-TECS 130-K

Supplies for injection presses


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M-TECS magnetic clamping systems provide evident benefits: Injection moulds, even if not standardised, can be easily and swiftly changed without need for retooling. As a result of a clamping force which is evenly distributed all over the clamping surface, tool wear is considerably reduced which means lower tool maintenance costs. With no moving parts, the system is basically maintenance-free. It is suitable for fitting onto existing injection moulding machines or incorporating into new machines.

M-TECS 130 being stable up to 130°C largely covers the whole temperature range that may occur in the thermoplastics processing industry. The magnetic poles have been designed to build up a clamping force of between 5 and 12 kg/cm2 . Highest quality materials are used for the long pole design which is based on a double-magnet technique. Its outstanding power concentration makes the system much stronger than any comparable magnetic plates.

Applications: thermoplastics processing processing of large workpieces, bumpers, dash boards etc. model machines and small-lot production

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