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Moisture absorber GUILBERT EXPRESS SAS

Moisture absorber

Plant absorbent


Price : 7,89 HT

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The new Cat. No. 42645 moisture absorber, brought to you by Express Shrink Wrapping, is the ideal companion for any boatyard looking to enhance its winter storage operations.

This new easy-to-use product is just as effective as conventional 1 kg bags.
It provides lasting protection (up to several weeks) and prevents mould and unpleasant odours. It does not leak and does not stain, making sure boats are stored in excellent conditions during the winter.
The Express Shrink Wrapping moisture absorber prevents mould by removing excess humidity in the air

Its action is 100% natural. It operates autonomously, requiring no batteries, power supply or connection of any sort

One bag can be used for approximately 20 m3, according to the temperature and humidity of the space it is placed in.
It needs to be replaced every two months.

Take care to avoid discarding used bags along with standard household waste or in pipes leading to drains.

CAT. N ° 42645

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