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New range of conveyors SAVOYE

New range of conveyors

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A revolution for light load handling

Smart, scalable, quick to install and connect, high performance from an energy point of view… the conveyor is taking a great step forward with Savoye. The logistic solutions division of the Legris Industries group has just finalised a range of new generation conveyors for handling light loads (up to 32kg).

Fully scalable Plug and Play architecture

Innovation values its fully scalable architecture. The conveyor is made up of various standard elements , 100% independent and is connected directly to the site in Plug and Play mode. Each element has its own mechanical structures, electrical distribution and control unit: it is delivered ready to be installed and interconnected.

Smart conveyors which adapt to the activity volume

No need for prior configuration or programmable PLCs. Conveyor control becomes completely de-centralised. Each element has an individual electronic card. The latter will allow each element to adapt its « behaviour » in accordance with its own parameterisation. Furthermore, the element will adapt itself to the flow to be conveyed and to the activity volume.
The elements are able to accelerate automatically to catch the loads downstream and reduce the traffic « holes ». They can also accumulate boxes in a defined zone, without pressure and without disrupting the flows. This offers increased fluidity and an increased ability to react in the event of an incident on the line.

Installation, reconfiguration, re-use: simplicity at each stage of its lifecycle

The new range responds to an essential requirement for the customer: having a system which is operational as quickly as possible! Installation time is reduced by approximately 40% compared to other similar types of solution. This time saving is partly due to its innovative mechanical design. The conveyors are manufactured with a reduced number of components (fewer parts used and fewer references). All the connector engineering, cables, etc. are integrated into reversible spars which act as a guide, ready to be connected. From its implementation, each element (whose card has been configured) can thus be tested. The line’s configuration has changed? The card’s parameterisation can be modified, at any time and remotely. Finally, if the installation is extended or the site moves, all the components can be re-integrated whatever the new configuration. The installation can develop quickly and easily according to the requirements, activity peaks and warehouse configuration. It can also be connected to conveyors from the previous generation.

A high performance range from an energy point of view

The Savoye range has been developed internally with advice from an eco-design office.
The desire was to get closer to the market trend for « all electric ». So no more compressed air supply: the range is 100% electric, with engines directly integrated in the rollers. Innovation allows a considerable energy saving. When the conveyors are not in use, the engines stop automatically! Only the elements which need to work run! As a load progresses, the modules are successively turned on and off. This also enables you to considerably reduce the noise generated by an installation!
The range also offers « eco mode » operation. If the activity level is properly controlled and there is no risk of saturation, the latter allows conveying without acceleration and automatic energy recovery on braking.

Everday maintenance made easier

Maintenance can be anticipated. Conveyor elements’ electronic cards carry out an automatic audit of the parts to be replaced and feed back the fault indicators (graphs with component wear threshold etc.). An electronic card to be changed, an electrical box to be replaced: all of these operations are carried out simply by unscrewing and unplugging the hardware.
Electronic cards are configured in three turns of a screwdriver and a remote transfer or using an SD memory card.
Finally, because of the limited number of components required for their design and operation, the conveyors enable you to reduce the spare parts stock and take advantage of the space.

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