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Planetary Mixer ARE 250 Thinky POLY DISPENSING SYSTEMS

Planetary Mixer ARE 250 Thinky



“ - Vacuum-less processing, degassing and deaeration - Remove voids and re-disperse filled materials packed in syringes - Saves significant time and lowers costs - Produces consistent quality, with digitally controlled processing ”
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The THINKY ARE-250 Mixer is an industrial non-contact «planetary» mixer for all compounds. It mixes, disperses
and degasses your materials in seconds to minutes, in a sealed or lid-less container such as a jar, beaker, syringe
or cartridge. The non-contact mixing principle makes it possible to formulate compounds from very small amounts
such as 0.5ml to large production scales.

This is a lightweight benchtop model, which can hold up to 310g of material. The Multi-Step Mixing feature allows you to program 5 different sets of mixing and degassing conditions (time and speed per mode) in a single batch cycle. Precise control of the process makes it possible not only to improve formulation quality, but also to eliminate human errors or operator skills throughout the process. It is also effective in controlling shear, so as not to damage your materials.
Cooled materials or heated materials can be processed with special adapters. The ARE-250 can accept syringes
up to 55ml or up to 75ml (2.5 oz) cartridges with optional adapters. Larger THINKY mixers with vacuum capability are
also available.

Max. processing volume 300 ml Dimensions H380 x L300 x P315 Max. weight ( net ) 250 g Max. weight ( brut ) 310 g Deaeration type Atmospheric pressure Mixing function 410G RPM Adjustable
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Industry Médical Aeronautic Automotive Electronic

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