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Process engineering for Education PIGNAT

Process engineering for Education

Training in engineering


“ Particular attention to the quality of customer relations A multi-technology integrator A short decision-making structure Full traceability on all of our devices Certifications (CE, ATEX, PED ...) controlled by external ISO9001 Nov.2008 ”
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PIGNAT designs and manufactures teaching units in Process Engineering.

Five ranges are available :

- CHEMISTRY : units to perform the operations of cristallization, distillation, evaporation, extraction, filtration, reaction, synthesis,... Units are made of glass or stainless steel and correspond to the main unit operations of chemistry

- FOOD & BEVERAGE : pilots to perform conventional operations of concentration, pasteurization, filtration, drying, ... These units can be combined to form mini production lines (fruit juice, canned goods, yogurt, ...).

- WATER TREATMENT – ENVIRONMENT : units to understand the various operations of water treatment. These units can be coordinated to form lines of treatment: drinking water, sanitation, finishing.

- SENSORS – CONTROL – AUTOMATISM : benchtop to study sensors and valves. Pilot units to study pressure, level, flow or temperature control. Study of systems automation.

- FLUID MECHANICS – THERMICS : units to understand the related disciplines of industrial engineering : fluid mechanics, characteristics of pumps, heat exchanges.

These benefit from experince in industry. The units are reliable, robust and equipped with industrial equipment.

Our experience allows us to assist you in defining your project and your needs. We can assist you in implementing your technology halls.

Setting up on-site and training of teachers, future users of the facilities, are subject to special attention.

See more information about us on our website www.pignat.com.

Upload our brochure here : asp.zone-secure.net/v2/index.jsp

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