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“ Up to 40% energy savings 3 in 1 thin thermal insulation covering: • Reflective: applied outdoors it reflects nearly 90% of solar radiation (very high SRI > 111) → reduces the interior temperature (up to -10°C before/after) → reduces air conditioning consumption. • Insulating: improves thermal comfort in winter thanks to its insulating fillers → limits losses / comparable to 6-8 cm of glass wool → reduces heating consumption. ITE/ITI supplement without m² lost. • Decorative: available in 8 shades ”
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THERMO-REFLECT® is a ready-to-use, water-based thermal insulation coating that increases the thermal comfort of buildings for domestic or professional use in summer and winter.

THERMO-REFLECT® is formulated from acrylic resins in aqueous phase and hollow microspheres of a few microns which give it innovative and effective characteristics of comfort and thermal protection.

THERMO-REFLECT® reduces the energy costs of buildings and allows you to savings of up to 40%.
In hot weather, THERMO-REFLECT®, thanks to its reflective power, returns most of the solar radiation to the atmosphere and prevents heat from entering the building.
In the cold period, THERMO-REFLECT®, thanks to its insulating power, slows down the propagation of cold in the heart of materials and retains the heat accumulated in the building.

THERMO-REFLECT® is very easy to apply and does not require any special hardware.
THERMO-REFLECT® adheres to all types of materials: concrete, wood, metal, stone, plastic, brick...
THERMO-REFLECT® can be applied outside, on facade or roof but also inside to achieve an ITI without thermal bridge and without encroaching on the living area.
Applied outdoors, THERMO-REFLECT® has excellent resistance to attacks (polar cold or extreme heat waves, humidity, pollution, dust, dirt of all kinds...). Its exclusive formulation also provides it with algaecide and fungicide protection.
Insensitive to UV, THERMO-REFLECT® does not turn yellow, does not degrade over time. It has a longer life than traditional coatings.
Applied indoors, THERMO-REFLECT® cancels the cold wall effect and prevents condensation of the water vapor present in the air.
3 in 1, THERMO-REFLECT® makes it possible to beautify, strengthen the thermal insulation and regulate the humidity of your building in a single operation.

  • Energy saving: Reduced heating and cooling costs up to 40%.
  • Ease of application: THERMO-REFLECT® is applied like a classic paint, without any specific material.
  • THERMO-REFLECT® is suitable for all types of climates and temperatures.
  • THERMO-REFLECT® is resistant to water, snow, ice, hail, sun and wind and provides protection 12 months of the year.
  • Variable permeability: Waterproof,THERMO-REFLECT® is nevertheless “breathable” and thus allows the evaporation of water vapor and moisture.
  • Exceptional durability: UV-insensitive, THERMO-REFLECT® does not turn yellow, does not degrade over time.
  • The THERMO-REFLECT® composition prevents the growth and growth of molds and foams, avoiding the need for algaecides.
  • When applied to roofing terraces,THERMO-REFLECT® will withstand stagnant water and ensure that your roof is waterproof. In addition
  • THERMO-REFLECT®can withstand pedestrian traffic without losing its efficiency.
  • THERMO-REFLECT®solves thermal bridging problems and improves interior comfort.
  • THERMO-REFLECT®eliminates condensation in humid atmospheres and cold walls. Washable finish paint, THERMO-REFLECT®is easy to clean with water.
  • Applied as a reflective roof coating, THERMO-REFLECT® is eligible for EWC funding (Certificate of Energy Conservation).




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