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 Refracto 30PX - the routine portable refractometer
Refracto 30PX - the routine portable refractometer METTLER TOLEDO
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Refracto 30PX - the routine portable refractometer

Reliable refractive index measurement wherever you need it!

Refracto 30PX is a compact, easy-to use portable refractometer for measurements in laboratory and production environments.

Refracto is a hand-held and a benchtop refractometer in one. You either place the instrument on a flat surface and add a drop of sample onto the measurement cell or immerse the cell directly into the sample.

Glass prism : Refracto determines refractive index using the total reflection method. The glass prism of the measurement cell is held by a stainless steel ring.

Refracto even measures dark samples correctly. You no longer need to rely on error-prone readings of dark/bright transitions as with optical instruments.

Temperature compensation : The refractive index of a sample depends on temperature. During measurement, Refracto determines the temperature and then corrects the refractive index to a standard temperature of 20 °C or any other temperature the user defines. To make quick measurements of different types of samples, you can easily switch between up to 10 user defined correction coefficients.

Plain language interface : The backlit LC-Display of Refracto shows your results and settings in plain language. The simple and intuitive menu structure allows you to change the settings within seconds. You hardly need an instruction manual.

Ease-of-use : The clearly labelled keyboard makes operation easy and efficient. As soon as you press the measurement key, the result is displayed in the desired units on the backlit LC-Display.

Comprehensive result storage : Refracto stores up to 1100 results including sample identification, measurement unit, temperature compensation coefficient, date and time.

Transfer your data whenever you want: You are free to transfer the data (together with an instrument identification) to a PC or printer any time using the IR interface. For this purpose an infrared / RS232 converter (51325006) is required. Appropriate PC software comes with the instrument.


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