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Safe Monitoring of Oil Vapour Content


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Monitored oil free :

Compressed air which is contaminated by oil is a concern for every compressed air user. Depending on the use, there are risks for production plants, the environment or even for health. We can say one thing for sure though:
Because of the environmental/suction air, an oil free compressor is no guarantor for oil free compressed air. In most cases, a certain residual oil content cannot be entirely avoided in standard applications.

The compressed air classes defined in ISO 8753-1 provide an orientation for the assessment of the compressed air quality.
METPOINT OCV supervises the amount of residual oil in the compressed air flow down to the range of thousandth mg/m³. Inadmissible residual oil concentrations can be identified and signalised reliably, and the consequences of an oil leak prevented.

Fields of application :

There is a wide range of industrial applications where the quality of compressed air is of decisive importance.

Chemistry :

For the mixing of different materials, compressed air is employed. Materials to be mixed are blended in a silo by means of compressed air. The precondition for a perfect end product is processed and oil free compressed air.

Coating :

During paint/coating, compressed air is, amongst other uses, employed to transfer the paint from the spray gun to the carrier material. Oil-contaminated compressed air leads to lacquering defects. F. e., the paint no longer adheres faultlessly.

Food :

Prior to filling, bottles are cleaned and blown out with compressed air for drying. Oil in the compressed air would accrete on the walls of the bottle and subsequently enter the product. Oil free compressed air is an essential production factor for a qualitatively sound end product.

Pharmaceuticals :

During the production of tablets, dust is removed downstream of a tablet press using compressed air. The quality of compressed air is of decisive importance for hygienic safety.


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