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Solar energy

“ An effective and easy to use instrument which verifies the return on the solar panel on one hand and the return on the ondulateur of aitre leaves. These measures are possible simultaneous on 1, 2 or 3 rows of panels settled in parallel. It's large extra-bright 5.7’’colour LCD screen and the numerous available accessories; pinch, unit REMOTE, communication kit bluetooth, are some of its numerous advantages. ”
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With the FTV100,

Check Your Efficiency and

Optimize the Return on Your Investment.



Due to falling production costs in recent years and the incentives offered by the State, solar power technology is now among the leading types of renewable energy.

Home-owners seek to produce and sell solar energy by installing  solar panels on the roofs of their houses.

Once the installation is in place, they need to check that it is operating correctly and efficiently. Optimum efficiency means compliance with the payback schedule announced.

The Solution

The Greentest FTV100 solar power installation tester analyses the efficiency of electrical production installations using solar panels. It is particularly suitable for the housing sector and solar power farms.

In the solar power sector, the FTV100 is the ideal instrument for professionals needing measurements and recordings to check that an installation is operating correctly.

The DC and AC voltages, currents and power values are measured instantaneously and simultaneously.

The FTV 100 can also measure the temperature and solar irradiation parameters required to calculate the installation's efficiency. These parameters can be measured using a remote module for acquisition as close as possible to the solar panels. This module is hooked up to the FTV100 via a wired link or a Bluetooth link if necessary.

On the inverter output, it can be used for interconnections on both single-phase and three-phase electrical networks.

With the FTV100, these measurements can be carried out on 1, 2 or 3 rows of panels set up in parallel.

Simple to Use and Set Up

Users install their physical measurement sensors, including the pyranometer, and then connect an AC current clamp for measurements on the distribution network or a DC clamp for measurements on the solar panel's output. Users can enter the panel manufacturer's parameters into the instrument to serve as a reference for the tests.

Processing and Analysis

The GREENTEST Report software can be used to calibrate the instrument and to acquire the measurements in real time. With the display of the measurement curves, users can view at a glance whether the panel is operating correctly or not.

A graphic analysis function is available (insolation/power curves), and it is also possible to print out a measurement report.

With its menus available in several languages, it will be easy to use in a large number of countries.

Technical Specifications

The GREENTEST FTV100 is equipped with a large extra-bright 5.7’’colour LCD screen with anti-reflective treatment to make it easy to read in all conditions.





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