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STATOP 500 temperature and process controllers
STATOP 500 temperature and process controllers CHAUVIN ARNOUX
Temperature regulation

STATOP 500 temperature and process controllers

The STATOP 500 Series PID controllers form a family of products designed to control the temperature and other physical quantities (pressure, flow rate, etc.) in industrial processes and to manage the positioning of power-operated valves.
The 500 Series comprises 3 high-performance models: STATOP 548 - 589 - 596. The differences lie in their dimensions (1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN), the extent of the information displayed and the number of logic inputs.
  STATOP 548
  • Format 48x48 (1/16 DIN) 
  • 2 displays (measurement/setpoint and alphanumeric message) 
  • Up to 3 logical inputs 

  • Format 48x96 (1/8 DIN)
  • 3 displays (measurement/setpoint/output power and alphanumeric message)
  • Up to 5 logical inputs 

  • Format 96x96 (1/4 DIN) 
  • 4 displays (measurement/setpoint/output power and alphanumeric message/program information)
  • Up to 5 logical inputs 

Much more than just a controller... With their logical blocks and metering functions, the models in the STATOP 500 Series can replace a small PLC or energy meter. Control of energy costs Equipped with an internal energy meter, the models in the STATOP 500 Series calculate and indicate your energy consumption on the process in question, in kW and/or €. Integrated maintenance system Particularly useful for programming preventive maintenance operations, the STATOP models perform counting of the commands and allow programming of alarm thresholds. The operator is informed of the maintenance to be performed on the actuators by a message on the display. PYROtools software The PYROtools software can be used to set up an extended configuration, create working recipes and upgrade the controller's firmware via a PC, without needing to power the controllers.

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  • Control: PID, On/Off, Hot/Cold
  • Command outputs for power-operated valves (interlocked outputs)
  • Setpoint programmer: number of programs 4, number of steps 12 (1 step = ramp+plateau)
  • Multiple setpoints: 4
  • Logical function blocks (option): 16
  • Timer / Diagnostics: control-loop break alarm
  • RS485 MODBUS communication (option)
  • Power supply: 100…240VAC/DC 50/60Hz (option: 20…27V AC/DC) / Consumption: 5 W
  • Operating temperature: -10…+55°C / Dimensions: 48x48x80
  • Compliant with the CE/UL directives
  • industry
  • process
  • temperature

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