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Dalyo Clean is a time tracking solution dedicated to the cleaning industry. It enables companies to control effectiveness of the services using the NFC technology.
Dalyo Clean is made of a web planning software that can be interfaced with the industry’s ERPs, an Android mobile application and a 3G on-site time clock upon demand.

Managers are informed of what happens on each site in real time. Agents can access their schedule and order supplies directly on their smartphone.


- Provide time tracking information in real time
- Control the efficiency of the services provided on the field
- Manage anomalies
- Improve the company’s services and reputation
- Automatically send data to eld agents
- Make employees’ activity safer

Time clock solutions

One smartphone per agent

Each agent has Dalyo Clean installed on its smartphone - he clocks in when entering the building/zone by scanning the NFC tag installed on site with its smartphone, completes tasks as indicated in the application and clocks out when leaving. All of the information is sent to the manager’s software in real time.

One smartphone per team leader

The team leader has Dalyo Clean installed on its smartphone - agents clock in/out on his smartphone with their NFC card. All of the information is sent is sent to the manager’s software in real time.

On-site time clock

The Dalyo Box is installed on site. Each agent approaches his NFC card to it to clock in/out. All of the information is sent to the manager’s software in real time. 

Companies expect from mobile technologies to synchronize information in a reliable and fast manner between employees on the eld and those working at the once. Penbase solutions perfectly answer this expectation. Dalyo Clean enables team workers on the field to receive and send essential information to the company’s daily operation with their smartphones. Information is retrieved almost in real-time. It is integrated into the company management software and allows securing and speeding of invoicing. Thanks to Dalyo Clean, the company can answer its clients’ requests better and quicker. Thanks to Dalyo Clean you - Control the efficiency of the services provided - Send workers schedules and site info - Reassure the client on the scheduled services - Manage anomalies - Manage stocks and reordering - Make employees’ activity safer

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  • propreté
  • cleaning
  • Janitorial
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