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Dust collector on woodworking - DELTABOIS® NEU AIR MOVING TECHNOLOGIES

Dust collector on woodworking - DELTABOIS®

Industrial dust cleaners


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Deltabois® is an individual dust collector designed for dust collection on woodworking machines. It solves the majority of problems of evacuation of sawdust and wood chips on woodworking machines.
Deltabois® essentially includes:
- A transport turbine fan motor unit allowing the passage of the material in the fan;
- One or more upper cloth bags for air filtration;
- One or more lower bags, intended to collect sawdust and shavings.
The lower bags are either on fabric or on transparent polyethylene according to models.
The design of the Deltabois® allows their use with a suction intake of dusty air directed either upwards or downwards.
The manufacturer formally reserves the right to make any modifications to his models that he deems appropriate
Advantages :
- Simplicity: They are easy to install and fit on a large number of machine models.
- Efficiency: Depending on the density and particle size of the dust, the yield can reach 99% for the cyclone alone.
- Small footprint: These are lightweight and monobloc devices that the user can install at his convenience.
- Moderate cost: They are inexpensive to purchase and their low operating cost makes them ideal for small applications.

Wood dust, wood chips, sawdust

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