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EOS P 800 EOS France SAS Electro Optical Systems

EOS P 800

Prototyping, Materials testing


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EOS P 800 is the world's first laser sintering system for the Additive Manufacturing of high-performance plastic products at the necessary high process temperatures (High-Temperature Laser Sintering, HTLS). The system uses a layering process on high-melt polymers at temperatures of up to 385 °C, producing parts with remarkable properties. During the production process, the integrated Online Laser Power Control module (OLPC) module continuously monitors laser performance and thus ensures optimum, reproducible results on the components.

Effective building volume: 700 mm x 380 mm x 560 mm (27.6 x 15 x 22.05 in) Building speed (depending on material): 7 mm/h (0.3 in/h) Layer thickness (depending on material): typically 0.12 mm (0.005 in) Scan speed during building: up to 2 x 6 m/s (19.7 ft/s) Software: EOS RP Tools; EOSTATE; Magics RP (Materialise) CAD interface: STL (optional: converter to all common formats) Certification: CE, NFPA
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