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“ GRAPHENE BOOSTER® REDUCES FUEL CONSUMPTION BY 5 TO 18%. According to tests carried out by the L.E.D and AGRISCAN MECA CONSEIL laboratories, GRAPHENE BOOSTER provides fuel savings of 5 to 18%. As examples: A passenger vehicle consuming 8 liters/100 km of fuel and traveling 20,000 km per year, will save around 14% fuel, or 220 liters of fuel per year. A heavy vehicle (bus, truck) consuming 40 liters/100 km and traveling 45,000 km per year will save around 10% on fuel, or 1,800 liters of fuel per year. ”
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GRAPHENE BOOSTER® is a new generation lubrication improver, formulated with graphene.

Graphene, a nanomaterial whose properties were discovered around fifteen years ago, offers numerous prospects for innovation in multiple industrial sectors.

Safe and compatible with all types of engines, GRAPHENE BOOSTER® improves their performance by reducing the friction of moving parts and optimizing the thermodynamic qualities of the engines. It boosts mechanical performance and also allows a considerable reduction in fuel consumption. (Between 5 and 18% fuel savings depending on driving mode according to a study carried out by an independent control laboratory AGRISCAN MECA CONSEIL).

GRAPHENE BOOSTER® is compatible with post-treatment equipment (3-way catalysts, oxidation catalysts, particle filters) of gasoline and diesel passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, trucks, tractors, buses, boats, gas engines, equipment industrial, compressors, generators, etc.

• Reduction in fuel consumption: up to 18% savings. *
• Power gain between 3 and 5%. *
• Noise reduction.
• Corrosion control.
• Improves operation at extreme temperatures (including cold starts).
• Economical: The treatment only needs to be renewed every 2 oil changes. (60,000 kms).
• The price of the treatment is amortized very quickly (between 4 and 5 tanks).
* according to the tests of the PV AGRISCAN MECA CONSEIL and the tests carried out by the L.E.D laboratory.

Cold engine, check your oil level. It should not be too high to allow the addition of the dose of GRAPHENE BOOSTER®
• Shake the GRAPHENE BOOSTER® bottle vigorously before use.
• Incorporate the correct dose into the engine. Efficiency will only be fully effective after at least 4 hours of engine operation at normal speed, without sudden acceleration.

The GRAPHENE BOOSTER® product must be deposited on all internal metal surfaces of the engine.

Dosage: Dose of 100 ml suitable for an engine with an oil pan of 4 to 7 liters capacity.
Adapt the quantities in proportion to the volume of oil in your vehicle.
For example :
Motorcycle with 2 L oil volume: ½ dose.
Truck with 20 L oil volume: 3 doses.

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