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High vacuum physisorption analyzer : Autosorb Anton Paar France

High vacuum physisorption analyzer : Autosorb



“ A gas sorption analyzer that's absolutely accurate - Get highly accurate physisorption measurements from relative pressures below 10-7 for nitrogen - Leverage precise manifold temperature control between 35°C and 50°C - Rely on TruZone active coolant level control for accurate data - even over lengthy analyses - Achieve superior high vacuum performance (38% better than previous generation instruments) with precision-machined manifolds and high-quality pneumatic valves Independent stations ensure you're absolutely agile - Analyze up to three different samples with three different analysis gases at three different temperatures simultaneously with independent analysis stations and patented temperature control accessories - Perform the most challenging physisorption measurements with the 90-hour Dewar - Maximize your throughput with six integrated degassing stations - Quickly swap to the 1100 °C furnace for advanced temperature programmed analyses, pulse stations, or chemisorption isotherms Intuitive software makes every analysis absolutely accessible - Enjoy an updated and streamlined Kaomi software, which makes the whole measurement process easier than ever before - Optimize measurement definition to suit your needs with DoseWizard's new standard and advanced modes - Keep downtime to a minimum with PowderProtect, which prevents accidental loss of powder in the instrument Customization options keep you absolutely adaptable - With a 3 instruments and modular upgrades, the Autosorb adapts to the exact analysis requirements of your porous solids and catalysts - As your research changes, the instrument's physisorption and chemisorption features can be field upgraded to fit new materials and applications - Go beyond standards measurements with enhanced chemical resistance, a built-in vapor source, thermal conductivity detector, or even a fully integrated mass spectrometer Compliance and quality are absolutely assured - Comply with 20+ ASTM, DIN, and ISO standards for catalyst characterization and the evaluation of porous solids - Get peace of mind with our 3-year warranty so you can avoid unforeseen costs ”
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Autosorb instruments are high vacuum physisorption and chemisorption analyzers designed for advanced measurements of BET surface area, active area, and pore size distributions. Independent analysis stations, exclusive TruZone active coolant control, and accessible Kaomi software let you meet your current measurement needs, while factory and field upgradeable options let you adapt to future ones. For your most important gas sorption measurements, the choice is clear : Absolutely Autosorb. 

Autosorb 6100 : 
  • Accurate high vacuum physisorption analyses of surface area and micropores
  • Advanced measurement routines made accessible with DoseWizard point selection and PowderProtect
  • Up to three samples, three gases, and three temperatures can be measured simultaneously with independent analysis stations
Autosorb 6200 : 
  • Accurate physisorption and chemisorption analyses for advanced catalyst characterization
  • Choice of chemical compatibility to suit your measurement needs
  • Upgradeable to include TCD, integrated mass spectrometer, and vapor option
Autosorb 6300 : 
  • Full chemisorption and physisorption capabilities in a single instrument package
  • Enhanced chemical resistance allows a wider range of analysis gases and applications
  • Perform a complete catalyst characterization with the included TCD, pulse titration loop, and built-in vapor source

Measurement principle : Vacuum Volumetric Physisorption Vacuum Volumetric Chemisorption Dynamic Flow Chemisorption (Optional) Physisorption analysis stations : Number: 1, 2, or 3 Independence: Up to 3 gases at 3 analysis temperatures can be used concurrently, 1 analysis gas and temperature per station Chemisorption analysis stations : 1 Independent p0 station : Yes (dedicated cell and transducer) Pressure : Range: 2x10-5 to 1100 Torr (2.6x10-8 to 0.997 p/p0 for N2 77K) Resolution (MP): 2x10-5 Torr (2.6x10-8 p/p0 for N2 77K) Resolution (XR): 1x10-6 Torr (1.3x10-9 p/p0 for N2 77K) BET surface area : Absolute detection limit: 0.1 m2 (N2 77K) Specific detection limit: 0.01 m2/g (N2 77K) Typical reproducibility: 1 % (measured on BAM P115) Reproducibility limit: 2 % with 2 m2 in the cell Pore size : Range: 0.35 nm to 500 nm (diameter) Typical reproducibility: 0.5 % (measured on BAM P115) Active area : Absolute detection limit: 0.03 m2 (H2 on Platinum 313 K) Specific detection limit: 0.003 m2/g (H2 on Platinum 313K) Typical reproducibility: 2 % (measured on 2% Platinum on Alumina reference sample) TruZone : Yes (active coolant level control) PowderProtect : Yes (prevents sample elutriation)
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