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Insulating box : Isocube
Insulating box : Isocube - SAMES KREMLIN
Insulating box : Isocube - Spray guns
Insulating box : Isocube - product presented by SAMES KREMLIN
Insulating box : Isocube SAMES KREMLIN
Spray guns

Insulating box : Isocube

Insulating cabinet for electrostatic application of waterborne and non flammable products with Nanogun Airspray or Nanogun Airmix® - manual applications - up to 30 liters paint containers.

When spraying waterborne or non flammable coatings, spray equipment must be isolated in a closed cabinet. The Isocube by SAMES KREMLIN fully complies to this requirement. This compact insulating cabinet can be installed close to the paint location. A large door provides easy access to load the paint tank. A built-in safety system ensures the grounding of the paint circuit when the gun is not spraying or when the door is opened.

  • 100% safe operation for manual electrostatic waterborne and non-flammable product applications
  • Plug and Spray: Easy to install, to move around, to maintain
  • User friendly for outstanding finish quality

  •     Electrical safety of operators: automatic discharge to earth in case of a power shutdown or when the operator opens the door (<0.8s)
  •     Perfect quality of electrostatic insulation thanks to welded body for efficient wrap-around effect
  •     Immediate productivity internal charge (60 kV): generator built in the gun
  •     Discharge resistor

  •     Plug and spray: set-up and running within 10 minutes
  •     Easy integration thanks to clean side and back faces
  •     Easy access to the pump and paint container
  •     All unit control remote to front side
  •     Retains product leaks and rinsing fluids

  •     Robust design for durability
  •     Easy to clean working cell. Polypropylene body
  •     Easy hose assembly and connection to smart manifold panel
  •     Removable tray for easily cleaning the paint containers

Download the complete technical features
  • Maximum Fluid Pressure : 7 - 200 (102 - 2900) bar (psi)
  • Maximum Air Pressure : 7 (102) bar (psi)
  • Transfer Efficiency : 85 - 93 %
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature : 40 (104) °C (°F)
  • Recommended Material Viscosity Range : 20-150 s CA4
  • High Voltage (maximum) : 60 kV
  • Current : 80 µA
  • Paint Tank Capacity 30 (8) l (gal)
  • Fluid pressure (Nanogun H20 Airspray) : 7 (102) bar (psi)
  • Fluid pressure (Nanogun H20 Airmix®) : 120 - 200 (1740 - 2900) bar (psi)

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