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Operator to automate swing doors - ISO 3 PORTALP

Operator to automate swing doors - ISO 3

Automatism for doors and windows


“ Under its soft and rounded shape aluminum cover is hiding a powerful operator able to manage door leafs up to 250 kg. His agility also resides on its configuration capabilities and his faculty to be connected with a wide range of equipment: programmable inputs/outputs to connect in and out radars, opening/closing safety systems, switch-type commands, electro-mechanic or electro-magnetic lock… It provides its users with many functionalities as different running mods (automatic, opened, closed, door closer…), low energy programming to insure a soft opening for the elderly and handicapped, Push&Go programming to open the door thanks to a simple push on the leaf. ”
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ISO3 electromechanical operator, a performant solution for a wide range of applications. Installed above a swing door, this electro-mechanic operator brings a simple and quick automation solution for all kind of swing door, new or renovation.

ISO 3 make the people flow easier, answering to a lot of access problematics in all kind of buildings, from light to heavy traffic flow.

Power and management for high traffic. Adjustable speeds : Opening: 10 to 60 °/s and Closing: 10 to 50 °/s Operating temperature : - 20 ° C - 68 ° F to + 60 ° C - 140° F 6 operating modes Management of doors in overpressure or in negative pressure
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Hospitals, clinics Public and administrative buildings Shops Hotels & restaurants Airports

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