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Paintsave innovative push-out technology SAMES KREMLIN

Paintsave innovative push-out technology

Spray guns


“ NO MORE PAINT LOSS IN HOSES - Ultra-low paint loss - Low running costs and maintenance - Safe and simple process ”
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PaintSave is an innovative push-out technology to save paint between the color change block and the PPH 707 sprayer. Compared to a classical color change process located in a process arm of a robot, PaintSave is adding only two elements : a Start station and a Terminus station. The Start Station keeps the shuttle device until it is time to spray the last few mililiters of paint. Then the pneumatic valve opens and a magnet pushes away the shuttle into the flow between solvent and paint. The solvent cleans the hose and stays behind the shuttle device as the maximum speed of a laminar flow is in the middle.

Before reaching the Terminus station, the automation detects that the volume to be painted is reached and stops the trigger of the PPH 707. The Terminus station stops the shuttle but the solvent flows around the shuttle to clean the injector.

90% of paint recovery in hose + 50% paint recovery in gear pump + 50% paint recovery in regulator = over 50% paint savings !

The PaintSave has the best efficient color change with PPH 707 EXT and UPside CCV: 18cc only of paint loss, within 10 seconds only. The shuttle is not a piggable system with wearable seals. The shuttle has a small magnet inside to be visible by magnetic sensor of the Start Station.

If the shuttle doesn't come back to the Start station, PaintSave may be bypassed by a second paint circuit available directly to the sprayer PPH 707. The  painting robot is always available with standard process, whatever happens to the PaintSave hose

Maximum material pressure : 10 bar / 145 psi Standard Material Supply Pressure : 6 bar / 87 psi Maximum Number of Colors : unlimited Orifice Diameter : 4 mm / 0.16 inch Stainless Steel Body Material
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