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PEL 100 Power and Energy Loggers: control your consumption and manage your energy spending


“ On the market, the PEL100s stand out due to their pricing from 1,200 to 1,500 euros , depending on the model involved, and the fact that they are delivered with a bag, leads, clips, MiniFLEX flexible sensors, processing software SD card and mini-SD card reader. The PEL models are either magnetized so that they can be placed on the walls of electrical cabinets or are equipped with the patented Multifix mounting system for fastening the product whatever the circumstances – a major product advantage! ”
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Designed, developed and manufactured entirely by Chauvin Arnoux, these PEL100 loggers are both economical and simple to use. They are ideal tools for electricians, engineers and technicians working to supervise and improve technical building and systems management or carrying out energy audits.

These loggers are universal and can be used on all types of electrical cabinets and on all single-phase, split-phase and three-phase systems. They are also compatible with a wide range of sensors which they recognize automatically when they are connected.

Two different models, both just as simple to use, with or without a display!

There are two models in the PEL100 product family: the screenless PEL102 and the PEL103 with backlit digital screen. Both models measure, record and analyse all the important power and energy data .  

They are equipped with three voltage inputs and three current inputs and record all the measurements, the values in Watt, var and VA and the energy data (kWh, kVAh and kvarh). At the same time, they calculate and record the power factor, the DPF, the crest factor, the frequency and the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). It is also possible to record information concerning a given harmonic, including the value, the percentage and the phase angle up to the 50th order, as selected by the user. All the variables are recorded and stored at 1s intervals, with aggregation every 1 to 60 minutes, according to the settings chosen by the user.

Designed to be compact

Their specially-designed extra-slim casing means they can be installed with their current sensors on any types of distribution switchboard without blocking closure of the cabinet door. In addition, they are magnetized so that they can be set up without interrupting the industrial process.   .

Universal communication and simultaneous data processing

The PELs offer multi-channel communication. Using a removable 32 GB SD card or USB, Bluetooth or Ethernet connection, the data can be stored or recovered in real time.

The PEL Transfer® software delivered with the product allows the data from several PEL100 loggers installed in a network to be viewed simultaneously, without sizing constraints. This is particularly useful for assessing energy consumption per department or installation, whatever the geographical area involved.

It is possible to view real-time data while simultaneously downloading stored measurements to analyse them and generate standard-compliant reports with just a few parameter settings.

This PEL Transfer® software can be used to configure and customize the information required by the user: type of network, sampling interval, recording duration (defined by a time and/or date),  voltage and current ratios and communication mode


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