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SEE Electrical Building IGE+XAO

SEE Electrical Building



“ Modulaity Professional product ”
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SEE Electrical Building: A unique solution to design your diagrams, automatically generate single-line schemes and implement your electrical cabinets.

An easy to use, modular and professional software !

Dedicated to the Construction market, SEE Electrical Building is the latest of IGE+XAO software.
SEE Electrical Building enables you to design electrical installations for the domestic and the service markets. This software has been created following the requirements of installers who were looking for a modular and easy to use software program which could deliver reliable and high quality documentation (standardised symbols, database of service market materials,...).
Based on the state of the art software technologies, SEE Electrical Building offers all the advantage of a modern tool:

  • Intuitive interface,
  • Rapid, simple installation and download.


An all-in-one solution !

SEE Electrical Building enables you to create or to import the architect ground-plan, to create the electrical implantation and the routing of wires, and then to generate the single-line schemes, the settlement of the layout and the material lists.
The objective is to edit a complete project, creating correctly priced quotation and to order material from the supplier with both increased speed and accuracy.

A powerful and open database !

The XML format databases are soft and easy to update. From the beginning, the user owns a multi-manufacturer database which contains the routinely used material. It is easy to update the database and the symbol library.
Functionalities of selection enable the user to quickly find the correct reference (i.e. selection by manufacturer, selection by number of pole, by intensity,...).

An optimised interface !

User-friendly and ergonomic, all the SEE Electrical Building commands have been designed specifically for the creation of electrical projects. Its intuitive interface enables every user, even occasional, to be immediately operational.


User-friendly Windows environment

The software works with the latest windows environment version, what ensures a better readability meanwhile enabling a rapid access to all the functions.


DXF, DWG, DXB format compatible

An integrated DXF/DWG/DXB foot-bridge allows to recut, to edit the replica visibility and to import the architect plans, coming from AutoCAD or any other compatible software, directly into SEE Electrical Building.



SEE Electrical Building is divided in 3 independent modules in order to suit the users’ needs. The software is composed of one basic module INSTALLATION, for the electrical implantation of constructions, and two additionnal modules: SINGLE-LINE for the generation of single-line diagrams, and LAYOUT for the implantation of electrical layouts.

In each module, project management functionality allows you to work more efficiently (automatic numbering of the sheets, automatic generation of material lists from the schemes, exportation of the lists in Excel format,...).


'Installation' Module

This efficient module enables the user to easily import plans of different formats DWG, DXF, BMP, JPEG,... The implantation takes into account the different professional installation modes: visible, pipe installation, discharge spout installation, built-in installation, octopus (floor, ceiling)…
Wire lengths are calculated taking into account the material installation heights and the installation mode.

With the help of the filters, the user can select only data necessary for the installation. A map is obtained which is easier to use and more readable. The filtering system also allows the selection to display data, i.e. the plug circuit. Thanks to simple functions, the user can project a several level installation without being obliged to use a complex 3D design system.

Main functions:

  • Importation of architect ground-plans (import in DWG, DXF, DXB, BMP, JPEG format)
  • Design of the building with predefined objects (walls, doors, ...)
  • Selection of the display of the layers and re-cutting of the DWG, DXF, DXB files and blocks.
  • Work to scale
  • Installation of the electrical material (electrical material database: slugs, switches, ...) with the possibility of additions or modifications
  • Positioning of wires and 3D equipment
  • Symbol creation, customized report templates and coverpages
  • Printing areas
  • KNX symbols
  • Connection and automatic routing of selected elements
  • «Mirror» function
  • Automatic positioning of multiple devices at once

'Single-line' module

Work faster with the SINGLE-LINE module. Thanks to a hierarchical arborescence (explorer as Windows Explorer), the user builds intuitively its electrical circuits using a drag & drop system, and generates its schemes instantaneously.

The filling of the legend is systematic and the lengths of the circuits are automatically deducted from the INSTALLATION module.
Part lists are exportable in Excel or XML format.

Main functions:

  • Automatic generation of single-line schemes
  • Standard symbols library
  • Automatic creation of the connections
  • Automatic generation of the list of materials from the schemes
  • Export and edition of lists in Excel format


'Layout' module

In order to deliver a complete project to the final customer, the LAYOUT module enables the user to create rapidly a realistic and dimensioned view of the electrical layout, and also to order the corresponding accessories.

Main functions:

  • Automatic installation of layouts from the circuit schemes
  • Manual positioning of the material thanks to professional rules
  • Calculation of the free space
  • Exportation of lists in Excel format
  • Multiple view of layouts (rails positioning, connexion between the equipments, front side and doors).

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