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Trench convector Katherm QE Kampmann GmbH & Co. KG

Trench convector Katherm QE

Ventilation duct


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Tangential fan convection with electric heating element.

The Katherm QE is the ideal solution when a LPHW convector cannot be used. It stands out on account of its energy-saving and ultra-quiet EC tangential fans. The high-output electric heating element delivers high heat outputs. coupled with low sound levels.

- heating without water
- fast warm-up at low sound emissions
- ideal alternative to convectors with LPHW
Standard range
Katherm QE: trench width = 207 mm, trench height = 112 mm, 3 trench lengths, tailor-made range possible with empty trenches

Katherm QE – tangential fan convection with electric heating element

Katherm QE are the ideal solution when the use of an LPHW convector is impossible or not intended. They stand out on account of their energy-saving and ultra-quiet EC tangential fans combined with highperformance electric heating element that provides high heat outputs.

Katherm QE are ideal for installation in front of floorto-ceiling glazing. Equipped with state-of-the-art EC technology, the space is quickly heated up with a low, non-disruptive noise level. Due to the optimum air guidance effect between the tangential fan, heating element and baffles, the Katherm QE only has low and safe surface temperatures.
Katherm QE are supplied as ready-to-fit trench heaters for installation in screed. They provide cold air screening coupled with full space heating. Once installed, all that is visible is the elegant Optiline roll-up grille, available in a number of different designs.

Two control schemes are available to control Katherm QE trench heaters:
- Control by a room temperature controller
- Control by an external BMS

In both schemes, the EC tangential fans are speedcontrolled by a 0-10 V signal. As soon as the EC fans are switched on at any setpoint, infinitely controllable heat control starts up. The right electric heat output is available for every air volume.

Air is drawn in by the fan and routed through the parallel heating element with air baffles. The heated air flows out from the floor trench and rises up and/ or provides cold air screening of the window and draught-free warm air circulation in the room, thanks to the recirculation of the air. A separating plate effectively prevents mixing between the air intake and air outlet.

EC tangential fans
EC tangential fans can be operated across a significantly wider speed range due to their integrated power electronics. Low fan speeds generate noise that often lies far below the audible threshold and thus help to create a pleasant ambience in living rooms, bedrooms, offices and hotel bedrooms. The motor management system permanently detects the operating status and keeps the pre-set speed constant, regardless of the fan length and external influences.

Safety functions
Katherm QE trench heaters incorporate overheating cut-outs as a safety concept and to protect users from excessively high temperatures on the grille. The safety cut-out includes a locking shut-down of the heat output via a relay or indirect, locking shut-down via a safety temperature limiter, thereby ensuring operational safety, for example in the event of improper use. The speed of the fan is also monitored. If the fan no longer sends speed pulses to the power electronics, then the heat output is switched off.

Convection: EC tangential fan Heating: Electric heating element System: Electric Grill finishes: Roll-up grilles Heat output [W]: 160 - 2400 (electric heating output at control voltage BMS 2-10 V)
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Je suis intéressé par un devis pour quatre radiateurs de tranchée Kampmann Katherm QE (49,2 "1300W) pour un immeuble résidentiel à Brooklyn, NY.


2 x katherm QE, 2400w 112x207x1700



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