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Trench convector Katherm QK Kampmann GmbH

Trench convector Katherm QK

Ventilation duct


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Trench heating unit with EC tangential fan convection. All-purpose, individual, made-to-measure.

The Katherm QK is whisper-quiet. It is also available in 120 versions. It comes in non-standard lengths, with curved trench, mitres, cut-outs for columns or angles. Its ultra-long EC fan covers the entire heating range, from full space heating to cold air screening.

- made-to-measure trench lengths
- high outputs at small trench depths, even when used with low temperatures
- whisper-quiet EC technology

Standard range
Katherm QK: 2 trench widths, 12 trench lengths, 1 trench height, 3 control options

Notwithstanding the standard range (NP), the products can also be individually manufactured in line with the non-standard program (MP).

All areas of buildings in which effective heating and cold air screening is required. Effective, energy-saving heating can be provided by Katherm QK in conjunction with modern heating systems

Katherm QK - compact, powerful, quiet

Heaters positioned in front of windows are often unacceptable for aesthetic reasons in modern offices and other buildings with large glazed windows. At the same time, the demands of the users in terms of the aesthetics of the space are also becoming more exacting.

Katherm QK, QK nano excel in particular with low water temperatures when combined with modern heating systems thanks to their compact design, energy-saving and whisper-quiet fans with EC motors and by high-performance convectors. Narrow trench widths of only 165, 190 and 215 mm enable (almost) unrestricted use of the floor space. Fitted with the most modern EC technology, the heat outputs from every width of Katherm QK, QK nano are impressive. Measurements and CFD simulations undertaken in the Kampmann Research & Development Centre helped to develop a sound-optimised floor trench, which helps to create a pleasant interior climate.

Air is drawn in by the fan and routed through the parallel convector. The convector arranged on the window side provides for optimum screening of cold air in front of the window. The stream of warm air thus flows draught-free into the room. EC technology EC motors can be operated within a significantly wider speed range due to their intelligent integrated power electronics. Low speeds generate only very low noise, partially far below the audible threshold or the usual measuring range. They means that people can spend time peacefully in living rooms, offices and hotel bedrooms. The intelligent motor management permanently detects the operating state and keeps the pre-set speed constant, regardless of the fan length and external influences.

The cross-flow fans are matched to the application, optimised in terms of air flow and are adapted to the length of the convectors.

There are three different control schemes available for the Katherm QK and Katherm QK nano for ease of integration into individual control schemes. The spacesaving 24 V versions permits direct connection to on-site building management systems. An electromechanical control option using a room thermostat or alternatively the KaControl system are both available for continuously variable control with 230 V supply voltage. KaControl represents the system solution for maximum energy efficiency, limitless integration options into building automation systems and the highes degree of user-friendly operating philosophy.

Convection: EC tangential fan Heating: LPHW KaControl: integradet System: 2-pipe Grill finishes: roll-up or lines grilles aluminium brass Heat output [W]: 437 - 6025 (At LPHW 75 / 65 °C, EAT = 20°C)
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