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Uni-Spray System SNP Buses de Pulvérisation

Uni-Spray System

Cleaning accessories


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The Uni-Spray quick change system is a complete connector, nozzle holder and riser system for use in pre-treatment spray tunnels. All products are available in a variety of chemically resistant materials and so the system can be used to spray even the most aggressive alkali de-greasers, phosphating agents and acid based cleaners.
The Need for Speed
The whole system is designed to make the maintenance and cleaning of large pre-treatment tunnels as quick and easy as possible. The regular cleaning of tunnel spraying systems is essential to ensure efficient spraying and to reduce waste and product quality rejects. However, all such maintenance represents down time and so there is always a balance between regular cleaning and the pressure to meet production deadlines. As such, quick change systems such as Uni-Spray’s are an essential product feature for any busy pre-treatment line.
The complete system

Please click on the relevant part of the diagram below to access more information on the individual components of the Uni-Spray System or click on the product boxes below to access the product datasheets directly.

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