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All-in-one laser marking station with on-board camera Graphix Technomark

All-in-one laser marking station with on-board camera Graphix

Laser marking


“ Easy to use thanks to the material database integrated in the software On-board camera in the marking head to simplify part and marking positioning All-in-one station ideal for installation in a workshop Compatible with many parts (materials and shapes) Laser marking accessible to all users, from novices to experts ”
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The Graphix marking station uses fibre laser technology.

The principle: a high-intensity and very fine beam is focused and directed towards the part to be marked. The marking is non-contact and can be done on many materials such as metals and plastics.


Graphix is an all-in-one station with a high-performance marking head (laser source, optics and focus) and on-board electronics designed for stationary use, i.e. the parts to be marked converge on a machine placed on a bench. Its small footprint, thanks in particular to its 2-position power door, allows it to be easily installed in a workshop. However, this marking equipment has a loading volume of 500*500*400mm and a working area of 100 mm x 100 mm or 140 mm x 140 mm depending on the focal lenght. It also provides maximum safety for your operators.


This laser station allows for high speed, quality deep or light marking on small to medium sized pieces for both small and large series. Its laser marking possibilities are multiple: alphanumeric characters, drawings, shapes, logos or Datamatrix.


Its plus? An intelligent software with a material database that allows you to make markings in just 2 clicks! Nothing could be easier, just select the material of the part and the desired marking result. This material database makes it possible to do away with the complicated settings required to carry out laser marking, and thus to make it accessible to all. 


But that's not all! Technomark has also developed a marking head with an on-board camera which, thanks to the Smart View function, offers the possibility of visualising the rendering and positioning of the marking on the screen. You no longer need to move the room to ensure that the marking is correctly positioned, it adapts to your room because everything can be controlled from the screen. This feature also facilitates multi-level marking in 3 dimensions. The Graphix station is therefore a machine suitable for both novices and experts.


The Graphix laser marking machine meets different needs thanks to its 3 available powers (20W, 30W and 50W), but also thanks to its various accessories, such as the rotary axes for marking in all positions, the side openings to allow the passage of bars and long parts or the smoke extractor.


Would you like to know more about our laser marking station? Do not hesitate to contact us, our team will propose you the most adapted solution to your needs.

Software with materials database Laser marking head with on-board camera Large loading capacity 500*500*400 mm 3 power ratings available: 20W, 30W and 50W Marking on many materials: metals, plastics... All-in-one laser marking station 2 sizes of marking window available: 100*100mm and 140*140mm Multiple laser marking possibilities: alphanumeric characters, Datamatrix, logos...

Metallurgy Automotive Aeronautics Energy Medical

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