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Smart traceability

Technomark, French manufacturer of permanent marking machine for industrial traceability is currently offering global solutions for direct part marking to answer to most demanding needs.

Since 2000, Technomark has become a reference in the permanent marking market. Starting as a manufacturer of standard marking machine, we currently offer global solutions for direct part marking and traceability.

We develop our know how into three business lines:

  • Permanent marking using the laser, the technology of electromagnetic dot peen and pneumatic scribing.
  • Reading and verifying of Datamatrix codes and other 2D symbologies.
  • Custom engineered for special marking requirements involving direct part marking, reading/verifying database management and part handling.

Our equipments allow marking in all kind of materials under 63HR treated steel or untreated, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, plastic, wood, glass…)

Our know how is used in different industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical, defense, nuclear, metal work…

Quality assurance:

Technomark is the only company in France to have obtained both of the following certifications: ISO 9001 Version 2008 and Investor in People. It certifies its knowledge base and quality management and also its interpersonal skills and the quality of its management.

Currently Ongoing Innovations:

Technomark invents the 4 in 1 concept when introducing the Multi4*, the very first marking equipment fully modular. Unique machine for 4 possible configuration.

Spurred with the success of this concept, Technomark has introduced the latest generation of direct part marking solutions, the Multi4 Version 3.

Easier to use, intuitive, robust, performance and resourceful are the elements that characterise the Multi4 new version.

Technical attributes:

Technomark offers the intelligent driving part marking thanks to its new revolutionary function IDI Mark&Track** which ensures the level of quality and consistency of the marking data.

*Patent N°FR9914782

**Patent N°EP-06 764715.6


1 allée du développement
Phone : +33(0)4 77 22 25 91
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