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All-in-one laser marking station with electrical door - Graphix Plus

Laser marking

“ Porte électrique Axe X motorisé Logiciel simple d’utilisation avec base de données Tête de marquage avec caméra embarquée ”
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Graphix Plus is an all-in-one laser marking station (marking head and on-board electronics) designed for stationary use. With a loading capacity of 580 x 400 x 470 mm*, it can be used for one-off or small series marking on small to medium-sized parts.

The station is equipped with an electrical door controlled by the control console, with an opening of up to 580 mm for easy access to parts. The X-axis is motorised, enabling the head to move vertically by up to 400 mm, giving a marking zone of 475 mm** in length. This feature also optimises the production of small series marking.

The high-performance marking head with on-board camera developed by Technomark allows you to view the rendering and position the marking on-screen, thanks to the Smart View function. There's no need to move the part to ensure that the marking is correctly positioned; it adapts to the part, as everything can be controlled from the screen. This function also makes it easier to create multi-level markings in 3 dimensions.
Graphix Plus is available in 2 power ratings (20W and 30W) and two different marking windows (100 x 100 mm or 140 x 140 mm).

Whether you're a laser marking expert or a novice, the Graphix Plus station is made for you! Its ergonomic software, developed by Technomark, is very easy to use. It has 2 user modes: creation mode for designing marking files and production mode for producing markings, as well as a materials database that lets you produce a marking in just a few clicks. All you have to do is select a material from those on the list, as well as the type of marking you want. Advanced settings are also available for customised rendering. Laser marking is now accessible to everyone.

The Z-axis for control of the height of the marking head is motorised and managed by the software, making it easy to move from one part to another.  This also makes it possible to take advantage of the multi-plane function, to produce several markings at different heights on the same part.

The station has a 250 x 225 mm opening on the left-hand side for marking long parts. Its aluminium table with universal T-slot allows various clamping systems to be fitted, such as a rotating D-axis for marking cylindrical parts (circumference and generator). The screen, keyboard and mouse supports can be adjusted and swivelled. Finally, the connector panel is equipped with 3 USB ports, an Ethernet port for network connection and a port for the smoke extractor. The station can be adapted to suit all needs and users.

The Graphix Plus uses fibre laser technology. The principle: a high-intensity, extremely fine beam is focused and then directed at the part to be marked. Marking is contactless and can be applied to a wide range of materials including metals and plastics. This technology offers a wide range of marking possibilities: alphanumeric (letter, symbol, timestamp, serial number, etc.), 1D and 2D codes (Datamatrix, barcodes, QR codes, etc.), logos, shapes, etc.

Interested in the Graphix Plus laser marking station? Contact our sales team to find out more and get a quote.

* 540 x 400 x 360 mm loading capacity with a 254 focal length.
** 515 mm long with a 254 focal length.

Technologie : laser fibre Volume de chargement : L580 x l400 x H470 mm (H360 – F254) Fenêtre de marquage : 100x100 (focale 160) ou 140x140 mm (focale 254) Puissance : 20W ou 30W Options : axe rotatif et extracteur de fumées Nombreuses possibilités de marquage : alphanumérique (lettre, symbole, horodatage, numéro de série…), codes 1D et 2D (Datamatrix, codes-barres, QR codes…), logo, formes… Matériaux à marquer : métaux et plastiques

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