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2in1 dot peen marking machine Combo Technomark

2in1 dot peen marking machine Combo

Turnkey Assembly System


“ 2in1 marking machine: portable and bench top configuration Network connection Wireless communication between marking head and controller Lithium ion battery built into the head 10" touch screen controller with easy to use software ”
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After 5 years of development, Technomark introduces Connect.series, the first range of dot peen marking machines to offer wireless communication between the head and the controller via a secure Wi-Fi protocol. It is designed to produce many types of marking such as alphanumeric characters (serial numbers, time stamps, etc.), 2D codes or logos to ensure the traceability of your parts. The dot peen technology is based on forming a depression in the material through a succession of impacts that form the permanent marking. This range has two international patents pending.
Combo is a 2-in-1 machine that allows you to answer to all your needs by switching from a portable to a bench top configuration in less than 10 seconds without tools. In fact, all you have to do is remove the foot support and place the marking head on the column base. This allows you to carry out single markings as well as large series. This versatility permit to save money, as it combines the advantages of a portable and a bench top machine.
In portable mode, the wireless communication between the marking head and the controller gives you a 10m range to mark. In addition, the 22V lithium-ion battery guarantees the continuity of your production thanks to the intelligent energy management. It’s possible to use the machine as a 100% battery, 100% electric, or as a plug-in hybrid. The lightness of the marking head and its 360° use allow the marking of medium to large parts that are sometimes heavy or difficult to access. Finally, its multifunctional foot support allows to mark flat and cylindrical parts while ensuring stability thanks to the magnets and the non-slip centring Vs.
In benchtop mode, the marking head is mounted on a column base to mark small to medium sized parts up to 290mm high. The quick shift function facilitates transitions between different parts by allowing quick adjustment of the height of the marking head on the column. In addition, the grooves in the base allow the attachment of various workpiece holders, such as a rotary axis, and ensure consistent quality over a range of markings.
The Connect.series controller can be connected to the network if required via its Ethernet port. It has a large 10" touch screen in tempered glass, 3 USB ports, as well as an RFID chip that allows the heads to be paired. It also has universal VESA 100 mounts so it can be attached to any type of support.
Its software, developed by Technomark, is ergonomic and easy to use for marking in a few clicks. It provides real-time machine and marking information, which allows for preventive maintenance, and increase the life of the machine. It also has an operator mode and an administrator mode to facilitate the design and production of your markings. Finally, to meet all your needs, there is a complete software suite that allows logo and Datamatrix marking, the export of marked data or the creation of custom fonts.
Like all Technomark dot peen marking machines, Combo has the IDI (Intelligent Driving Impact) function which allows marking on uneven surfaces while guaranteeing the quality of the result. It also has the Easy Shift function to view the movement of the head on the workpiece to ensure that the marking is correctly positioned on it before starting.
The Combo machine is made of technical plastic shells and equipped with bumpers to ensure the necessary robustness for an industrial environment. Its marking head has a 120x60mm window. It is equipped with an OLED screen that shows real-time battery level, network coverage and current marking file. It’s possible to customise this information if required. You can also light up the marking area to make it easier to mark.
Like all Connect.series machines, Combo is supplied with a storage dock, which serves as a support for the marking head and allows you to maintain the machine by checking the length of your springs and the sharpening angle of your stylus, but also to store them.
You would like to know more about the features of the Combo marking machine or you want to realize marking test on your own parts? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

2in1 dot peen marking machine Wireless communication between marking head and controller Network connection Marking window: 120*60mm 3 USB ports 10 22V lithium ion battery Preventive maintenance modules Adapted to Industry 4.0 Marking in a few clicks

Metallurgy Aeronautics Automotive Energy Medical

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