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Dot peen marking machine controlled by smartphone - Buddy

Turnkey Assembly System

“ Dot peen machine controlled by smartphone Wireless communication between marking head and smartphone Infinite freedom of movement Lightweight and robust Self-powered: battery designed specifically for the machine 100% mobile use ”
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Technomark presents Buddy, its new smartphone-controlled machine. It is part of Connect.series, the first range of dot peen marking equipment to offer wireless communication between the marking head and its control unit via a secure WiFi protocol.
For users looking for infinite marking freedom, Technomark has developed a mobile application (subject to licence) that lets you control your marking head via a smartphone. Its ergonomic design shows the marking area on screen, making it easy to create marking files. If required, they can also be imported from a PC. Each head has its own licence, so the machine can be used by an unlimited number of users with any Android 10+ smartphone. What's more, you no longer need a code reader to fill in the variables in your marking files, it's now integrated using your smartphone's camera.
With your smartphone and wireless marking head always to hand, you can mark indoors or outdoors. Buddy is designed for 100% mobile use, which is why its marking head has a built-in 22V lithium-ion battery that provides enough power for a full day's work. This battery has been designed specifically for Technomark to guarantee the machine's lightness, performance, and durability. It has a monitoring system called "BMS" (Battery Monitoring System) that provides real-time information on the life and health of the battery, as well as the number of markings remaining.
The marking head is made from hard-wearing technical plastic and features protective bumpers that make Buddy a robust piece of marking equipment - an essential feature for a nomadic use. Its in-line handle means you can mark at 360° on medium to large parts that can be heavy or difficult to access.
For this range of micro-percussion machines, Technomark has developed a multifunctional support foot which, thanks to its various accessories (magnets, centring V and support guide), enables marking to be carried out on small and large cylinders and at the end of the bar, as well as holding the head on the parts to be marked.
All the machines in the range are supplied with a storage dock that acts as a support for the head and allows you to maintain your machine by checking the length of your springs and the sharpening angle of your stylus.
Like all Technomark machines, Buddy features the IDI (Intelligent Driving Impact) function, which guarantees marking quality regardless of differences in level between the workpiece and the stylus.
These machines use dot peen technology, i.e. they deform the material into a hollow which, thanks to a succession of impacts, forms the permanent marking. An international patent is pending.
Many types of marking are possible, such as serial numbers, time stamps and 2D codes, on a variety of materials including metals and plastics. This machine is therefore suitable for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive and metalworking.
Would you like to find out more about our 100% mobile Buddy marking machine? Our sales team is available to answer all your questions.

Window size: 60 x 30 mm or 120 x 60 mm Illumination of marking area OLED screen: real-time information Pairing of heads via their serial numbers Distance between head and smartphone: max 10m 2 user modes: administrator and production

Metallurgy Automotive Aerospace Various industries


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