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COOX Platform : Staff, manpower and teams management ORDINAL SOFTWARE

COOX Platform : Staff, manpower and teams management



“ The COOX® MES software (COllaborative Operations & eXecution) from ORDINAL Software relies on a single platform, SCADA & MES, integrating functional services and data model of your industriel computing. The COOX® platform delivers a model directly towards the material, the batches, the recipes or the ranges, the equipment and the personnel. Its wide spectrum enables it to cover the whole of the M.E.S features but also the SCADA and historisation Data features (Data historian). All ORDINAL Software developments relies from now on a single platform, covering all the aspects of MES (planning and control system of work orders, stock management, management of the products, tasks execution, traceability, performance analysis, reporting...) and SCADA. It’s COOX® platform (COOllaborative Operations & eXecution). The COOX® platform offers a local or remote web access from any point of your Intranet network. The COOX platform represents a technical platform unparalleled. It incorporates the powerful technologies of the Internet : web server, architecture of distributed services, access via a browser, Java an JavaScript support, sending emails, etc It also delivers essential system functions for industrial applications : OPC, Applicom, Modbus and TCP / Modbus, enabling dialogue with all types of controllers. It offers a multi access service for databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle) and optimized recording data service (historian). It has an open architecture and predefined objects and models conform to the ISA-95 standard, as well as business services able to provide any SCADA or MES function. This platform of great technical richness is made available as soon as the acquisition of an item of the range COOX. The study of the robustness of a system consists of knowing the answers of this system under nonnominal conditions of operation. These nonnominal conditions of operation can be translated either on the level of the system itself (failure of the material support of the system for example) or on the level of its entries. The robustness of a system is to be distinguished from its reliability, which rather measures its correct operation in time under nominal conditions. ORDINAL led an important program of innovation, cofinanced by the OSEO, intended for the improvement of the robustness of SCADA and MES systems. This work is integrated into COOX platform. ”
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Production monitoring or MES functions do not replace the management of the company's personnel, but provide the necessary information for the assignment of personnel on the workstations and their management as a production resource.
Profils and user groups

Profiles are defined for a group of users, which make it possible to determine the functions of the production monitoring that can be carried out. Depending on the rights given by the administrator, the data are available for consultation or modification. Special rights may also be given to an authorized user. For extended installations, it is also useful to define zones of validity for accesses. For example, an operator who works in a workshop will have access to all the functions for this workshop, but not for the other workshops in the plant.

Qualification of operators

Some operations require a special qualification of the operators who are required to carry it out. The ISA-95 standard defines qualifications for operators, which for some trades will have to be regularly tested. The production tracking system should then take over this information.

A system deployed in intranet technically allows to carry out the operations from any point of the factory, or even outside. However, in somecasdes, it may be critical from a safety standpoint that the operation is performed from a given station. For example, launching an operation involving a high-power press requires visibility on this press. The system then requires that the function be launched from a terminal located close to this press.

Activity time and execution time

To optimize the efficiency of the installation, the production system must measure the activity times on the lines or production units, so as to have labor utilization balances. At a finer level, the system also allows to measure the time of execution of the operations, which will make it possible on the one hand to compare these execution times (depending on the teams, depending on the products, etc.) on the other hand, to be able to calculate the actual manufacturing cost of the products.

Staff, manpower and teams management is operated by COOX platform.

No specific installation for the clients : a navigator (Plugin JAVA) is enough. Software updates are done only at the level of the server, what involves a greater flexibility and a reduction of costs of maintenance. Increased status of licenses by “floating licenses”: accounting of actually connected users.

Agrifood industries Pharmacy and cosmetics Manufacturing industries All other industries

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