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Dampening solution cleaning : LOOP.40
Dampening solution cleaning : LOOP.40 - TECHNOTRANS FRANCE
Dampening solution cleaning : LOOP.40 TECHNOTRANS FRANCE
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Dampening solution cleaning : LOOP.40

In commercial web offset printing, more and more often, customers provide their own paper on which to print. This requires the highest degree of attention from the printer and raises the question: How does the material interact with the machine? Filler media, fibres, paper coating, and the ink itself contaminate the dampening solution circuit and even clog heat exchangers. These minute particles accumulate and form sludge.

Our loop.40 offers the customer a compact, user-friendly solution. Without consumables and without affecting the printing process, loop.40 applies centrifugal forces to clean the dampening solution. Pollutants and sludge collect at the rim of the change container, that can be emptied manually at pre-defined intervals.

The cleaned dampening solution will be collected in the bypass and the loop.40 will return the solution to the circuit. The unit can also be handled also while the printing machine is in operation. Depending on the format of the order and the paper used, up to 1.5 kg of solid dirt is separated inside the centrifuge within 24 hours and therefore dirt does not enter the dampening pans.

This considerably reduces the necessity for cleaning and minimises the danger associated with deposits inside the heat exchangers — overall, the safety of the process is considerably stabilised.
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  • increased productivity - decreased operating costs
  • reduced maintenance and cleaning costs
  • less downtime thanks to improved dampening solution quality
  • marginal deposits inside the dampening pans
  • no consumables
  • easy to operate
  • fast and easy retrofit

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