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Malleable impression material for metrology RIVELEC - PLASTIFORM

Malleable impression material for metrology



“ Manual use, Very precise product, in the micron range, Non-destructive testing of external shape, Inspection without the need to disassemble or move bulky parts, Compatible with contact and non-contact measuring instruments, Compatible with the Double Blade Cutter. ”
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Plastiform have developed a range of malleable products that can be applied with hands, without accessories. They are particularly useful for controlling external surfaces. The initial consistency of the products in this range is comparable to modelling clay, which makes them very practical for controlling shapes that are not accessible to the applicator gun.

Malleable products are very often used to control large threads (such as oil pipe threads for example) because they are very practical and quick to use. They do not stick to hands and are not greasy, which also makes them pleasant to handle by the operator.

The Malleable Plastiform range is composed of 5 products:
  • The M25, a product that remains very flexible after curing. It is used for shapes that require deformation during extraction.
  • The M60, a relatively versatile semi-flexible product.
  • The M70 is the most popular product in the range, it allows contact and non-contact measurement and is also used to reinforce or protect fragile parts.
  • The M80 Lp, a long-lasting polymerization product, takes about 30 minutes compared to an average of 5 minutes for other products.
  • The M90, the most rigid product in the range. It is very suitable for testing with measuring instruments requiring contact with the impression.

Manual application

oil and gas aerospace watch manufacturing industry

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