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Statistic Processing Printer DP-1VR
Statistic Processing Printer DP-1VR MITUTOYO
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Statistic Processing Printer DP-1VR

This DP-1VR printer allows you to print statistical evaluations, and is so compact it fits right in the palm of your hand.
The DP-1VR offers the following benefits:
To print statistical evaluations
  • You can print data from calipers, micrometers and other measuring devices equipped with a Digimatic port, and even perform statistical evaluations.
  • Printing speed is excellent, it prints from a one-touch start and with the built-in thermal line printer there‘s almost no noise. The thermosensitive paper has outstanding durability and
    chemical resistance for long-term storage.
  • The DP-1VR even lets you transmit the data to a computer using an RS-232C connecting cable.
  • Clock function for loading measurement data.
  • Processing capacity for up to 9999 data subgroups.
  • Remarks:DP-1VR Digimatic MiniProcessor
  • Printer type:Thermal line printer
  • Printer speed:6,5 mm/s (using AC adapter)
  • Printer paper:48 m per roll
  • Processing capacity:Mode 1/2/3: 9999 data subgroups; Mode 0: 100000 data subgroups
  • Output function:Outputs the measurement data (RS-232C) or GO/±NO GO judgement

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