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Engraving machine - Flexmark Combo Technomark

Engraving machine - Flexmark Combo

Turnkey Assembly System


“ Less than 10 seconds, the bench model can be reconfigured into a hand held gun model whithout any tool. Its implementation is easy and fast. It allows the marking of all types of parts from the smallest to the largest. ”
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Flexible and modular, the FLEXMARK Combo marking machine combines in one product two configurations :

- The bench model is adapted for the marking on very small to medium sized parts

- The hand-held for the traceability of large and cumbersome parts

Flexmark marking machine is adapted to various marking types such as text, variable data, serial number, data codes, logos.


  • Flexmark combo model benefits

- FLEXIBLE: the Bench model can be converted into a handheld version in less than 10 seconds and can be used to mark all kinds of parts.

- SMART: the outline of the marking window is embedded in the bench with graduations for easy part location. Support tools can be stored in the machine base.


  • Clever Technology

With the IDI Mark feature, the quality of the marking is ensured even with different heights between the part surface (flat or cylindrical) and the stylus tip. This function is automatically controlled by the Flexmark software.

Large high definition colour screen RS232 connections and 3x I/O USB port for importing/exporting/ backuping logos and files Third axis Management «Easy Shift» feature: graphical visualisation of text repositioning in the marking window Right ergonomics (locating foot, carrying handle) Storage capacity of up to 10,000 files

aerospace automotive metals oil industry mechanics

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