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International Specialist in Temperature and Process Control

Specialized in temperature and process control systems mainly dedicated to the plastics injection industry.

Established in Oyonnax (French "Plastic Vallée"), S.I.S.E. designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of products dedicated to the plastic injection molding industry.

S.I.S.E. offers four comprehensive product lines :

Hot Runner Control Systems:
With 250,000 control zones installed and a 60% share of the French market, SISE Hot Runner Temperature Controllers have been setting the standard world-wide. When used for production or for preheating, Hot Runner Temperature Controllers ensure the most stable material temperature possible in each injection phase. SISE technology guarantees precise and continuous control of the temperature at all points where the material passes through.
Our Temperature Controllers use high-performance Permanent Self Tuning software designed and developed by SISE, which continuously recalculates the best settings for each zone, instantly responding to any changes in process parameters. 

Sequential Valve Gate Control:
With over 1400 systems operating on five continents, SISE has blazed the trail to a leading position in the world for Sequential Valve Gate Systems.
Mainly used in the Automotive industry for the manufacture of large parts such as fenders, dashboards, door modules… sequential valve gate systems yield a finished product that is seamless yet strong.

Water & Oil Mould Temperature Controllers:
With 14,000 mold temperature controllers installed worldwide, SISE now offers one of the most extensive ranges of water and oil temperature controllers on the market. Water, pressurized water and oil-based temperature controllers designed, developed and manufactured by SISE provide rapid mold heating and guarantee excellent final product quality.
SISE Mold Temperature Controllers are available with a standard heating power from 6kW to 200kW to give temperatures of 95°C to 180°C (water and pressurized water range) or up to 350°C (oil range), kept constant throughout the injection cycle.

Production and Process monitoring:
SISE has thoroughly mastered the monitoring of plastics and composites process data to guarantee a finished product of impeccable quality and safety. 

Coupled with its expertise in Hot Runner Temperature Control, Sequential Valve Gate Control and Water & Oil Temperature Control, SISE solutions for production and process data monitoring offer guaranteed comprehensive management of the entire chain of production.



Voie Romaine - Groissiat
Phone : +33 4 74 77 34 53
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envoyez-moi le mode opératoire et les spécifications techniques de la chaudière pour moules à huile type XH40 S24M.


Documentation pour contrôleur de moule à eau type 95 E6 S4.


Temperature regulator for plastic Heat canals Control device MES
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